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Timmins Demolition considers that it is very important to differentiate between dismantling and demolition as it is a common misunderstanding that they are very similar. This is far from the truth.

Dismantling is generally achieved by a careful reversal of the construction process and is applicable to either the removal of mechanical installations or the taking down of structures. A combination of dismantling and demolition is often beneficial as it permits the recovery of assets, enabling these to be recycled, reused or sold to offset the client’s costs.

The scope of dismantling projects carried out by Timmins includes but is not limited to:

  • Structural Steel Framed Refining/Processing Plant

  • Factory Manufacturing Equipment

  • Storage Tanks & Silos

  • Unsafe buildings

  • Steel-framed buildings 

Timmins Demolition has experience of carrying out work in close proximity within working environments which allows us to tailor our working methods to minimise any effects on the day to day operation of the client’s facilities.


Our skilled and trained workforce adopt typical techniques such as unbolting and cold cutting using the company’s full range of specialist equipment. All plant and equipment is selected according to the work at hand and can be pneumatic, hydraulic, electric, diesel or gas powered. Flameproof plant and equipment is also available for work in potentially flammable environments.


Trusted, Accredited and Fully Insured

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