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Whether you want to move into a new office, vacate an old one or refurbish the existing one, you will first need a strip-outs and make a good service partner to handle the project.


After all, you would not want to leave your business aside and get focused on the complexities involved in the task...

The smartest approach is to onboard experts to make sure that your place is ready for moving in, vacating, or renovation, as the case may be.


By collaborating with us, you can be sure of strip outs being easier than ever. We are committed to delivering services that excel in terms of quality, efficiency, and timeliness. This shows up in our impressive track record as well.


With a team that has the right skills, expertise, and experience in the A to Z of strip out, make good and internal demolition, we are capable of handling the end-to-end needs of the clients.


Whatever is the size or complexity of your project, we can handle it for you. 

  • Full Cat A strip out

  • Demolition of partitions 

  • Removal of the glass building entrance

  • All floor coverings 

  • Ceiling coverings 

  • Large plant room removal 


Trusted, Accredited and Fully Insured

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