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Timmins Demolition Services is experienced in the demolition of all types of structures that are no longer economically viable and where such demolition must be carried out with a high degree of construction knowledge and expertise.

The demolition techniques used pay great attention to Health and Safety Regulations and the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations, together with the codes of practice for demolition which state the standards that must be applied to the planning and execution of demolition activities.

In today’s world the recycling of materials is an important part of the demolition process and Timmins Demolition takes account of this element of their works during the planning and estimating stage of all contracts.

 Timmins Demolition has significant expertise in all aspects of demolition including:

  • Budget estimating

  • Structural assessment

  • Preparation of method statements

  • Risk assessments, and health and safety plans

  • Execution of the contract through to final completion and issue of health and safety file.

Typical demolition projects carried out by Timmins demolition  include, but are not limited to the following:


  • Low rise tenement properties

  • Private residential dwelling houses

  • Industrial buildings

  • Educational properties

  • Governmental training establishments

  • Health facilities

  • Retail units

  • Hospitality industry  


Trusted, Accredited and Fully Insured

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